Snacks & Chocolates

Mojo Bars

MOJO Bars have the right proportion of good fats, protein, vitamins, fibre and carbs recommended by nutritionists for snack time meals.

Mojo Thins By Mojobars

Mojo Thins are a mindful way to snack on delectable dark chocolate paired with real, simple ingredients for a sinful experience.

Coffee By Blue Tokai

Light to Dark Roast. Easy Pour sachets make brewing specialty coffee more convenient than ever before. You don’t need equipment, just a couple of minutes to make great tasting, craft coffee at your desk or home. Each Easy Pour box contains 10 sachets.

Healthy Snacks and energy bars from Fabbox

A huge range of healthy and delicious snacks to satisfy your untimely mid-meal hunger pangs in airtight ziplock packs.

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