Bonus Items

Pop Grips

Made of plastic with collapsible form and a perfect grip to keep your phone from falling. The most stylish yet comfortable hold you can ever get on your phone. Falling phones will be history now.

Playing Cards

Whether it's your best poker face or your child's bright smile, it's fun to play with cards personalized with your favorite photo

Power Bank

Beautifully engineered protective technologies. Aluminum-alloy body with 4000mAh high capacity. MI charger's intuitive design makes it ready to use out of the box

Button Badges

Let your custom made button badges shine on your shirts, hand bags, backpacks or anywhere else

Custom Card

Adding small items to your shipment can boost your brand and build the relation with your employees and customers. You can now customise your orders with custom branded pack-ins.

Custom Stickers

Sticker printing online in any shape at best quality. Business logo stickers / business sticker labels will aid greatly in brand recall.

Hand Sanitizer

We provide FDA approved, 67% Alcohol-based Sanitizers in 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml.

Stress Ball

This stress ball is offered in a wide range of colors, so you can coordinate with your brand's colors. Help your clients and employees relieve stress with this classic stress ball!

Custom Coasters

Make a statement with our clean-cut coasters that can bring a dash of your spirit to your chillout sessions and office meetings.

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